Bar P.M. (Closed Permanently) Formerly: Korners

70% love it
GayCities Members report that Bar P.M. has closed
Drop everything, shoot some darts and drag
The crowd at Korners is open, diverse, and ready to party. Drag shows on Fridays. Dart Leagues.


    • mrinnocent
      mrinnocent Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Rich loves Bar P.M.
      friendly bartenders, awesome drinks and prices....a good time is always had by all

    • AutumnP
      AutumnP Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place for Trans persons
      The new manager/owner is very trans friendly, tell James Autumn sent you!!

    • sgarno
      sgarno Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great changes on Blow
      Visited the new bar (recently changed ownership a few months ago to Bar PM) this weekend and had a great time. The interior had been freshened up and has a show on Sunday afternoon's now. The clientele and new owners are very friendly and always have your drink ready for you. They have a lots of people in during the weekday for darts and the drag shows with a new crew. I will definitely be back, keep up the great job!

    • samantha.heart2
      samantha.heart2 Over a year ago

      changed my mind
      Was there last night with a couple of friends. Jeremy now owns the bar but the former owner John STILL owns the bulding so will not go back because of John he didn't even know how to set the dart board up Jeremy had to show us how. The smoke got REALLY bad last night I'm a non smoker so yes not going back sorry guys

    • StephanieR
      StephanieR Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Worst drag show ever
      I'll go but never again on Saturday. Their drag shows are horrendous. And the really short bartender was too involved with his buds to even care what I wanted to drink. There was one entertainer who was pretty good, Janice but whoever this Breanna is should retire, I've seen stiffs more animated. People there are a bit weird, I met a nice couple, she's a TS by the name of Gail but then there was a short gray haired drunk who kept hitting on me and was loud and obnoxious. Later some drunk friend of his came over and started telling me stories about this drunk guy and everyone else in the place. I didn't want to hear it! I left and went next door. No hassles there!

    • drix190
      drix190 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      work it!
      I don't get the other reviews of this bar. It's a small, clean, bar, where the help was... Well, helpful. The girlz in the show were entertaining, talented, and even humorously raunchy. We ended up here when some new friends allowed us to tag along while they bar hopped, on a night we were passin through. This is truly with the drive/cab fare down. Don't let this one pass you by!

    • ctrever23
      ctrever23 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      He goes onto other bar's gaycities pages and trashes them. He then uses the same language in defending his bar, Korners. AVOID KORNERS! DON'T SUPPORT WHITE TRASH!

    • stldomdaddy
      stldomdaddy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I've changed my mind about Korners
      I have changed my mind about Korners. After an original good review of 5 stars, it now only gets 2. It's clean and the prices are fine. The service you'll get from the owner John is poor and slow and definitely with an attitude that he really doesn't care about his customers. He changes his mind on things constantly. Puts in pool table, bowling game, dart board then takes them out 2 months later. The bar counter must have been finished by a 5th graders, the surface has been peeling for years. It used to be an ok place to go. There are better bars in St. Louis in safer neighborhoods too.

    • Cherryslurpee
      Cherryslurpee Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This bar is a hot mess! Some of the strangest people around town! The bar owner is a real piece of trash! Rude to anyone and everyone.Sad when people are spending their money here and you get a nasty attitude from the owner! Drag show is just stupid.No talent here.Just drugged up guys begging for change.What the hell has happened to the bars in St,Louis? :(

    • itiswhtitis
      itiswhtitis Over a year ago
      Hates it

      been here a couple times.. music is good.. jim(bartender) is the sweetest... drag show on the weekends is... well lame and the girls are boring.. the last friday of the month (or so im told) i belive is a double host with a queen and king which is always fun they do a duet at the begging which is always entertaining.. drinks are well... mmm watered down.. no good beer selection... plus the owner of the bar is RUDE!. i bet if he left for a night or 5 his bar would do better...

    • ClamatoDreams
      ClamatoDreams Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My Home Bar
      I didn't initially like this bar, but now it is my home bar. I brought my mother here when she came to visit me and this was also her favorite bar in St. Louis. The shuffle board has been taken out, but there are 2 dart boards & a pool table. I've read a lot of reviews that says the owner is rude. There may be some truth to that as I've seen people push his buttons and he's shown his temper, but usually he is a nice guy and I think he's cute to boot. He is a business owner and he doesn't allow any shenanigans - translation - no sex in the bathrooms. The clientele is diverse and so you can go in it one night and find a type of crowd and another night or time and it can be a completely different crowd. You never know who (or in what form) may be there. Sometimes there's a crowd and sometimes it is empty. No matter who is there, everyone is expected to maintain a standard level of decorum. This is a safe place and anyone who jeopardizes that will have to leave. Perhaps those bitter reviews are those who did not know how to act civilized as evidenced by their reviews. I admit that sometimes I don't care for the crowd, but then that is why we have more than one bar to go to.

    • Zaney
      Zaney Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What is up with these people here?Went here Saturday night and the rudest freaks I have ever came in contact with!Drag show was more like a HORROR SHOW! Bartender was so rude,and the drinks were watered down!I want ever go here again!Most people find me super hot and give me great service,but I guess the guys here got a little bitter that a hot guy was in the house!WASTE OF TIME TO GO TO THIS PLACE!NOT EVEN THAT MUCH ROOM TO DO ANYTHING!!!! :(

    • Quick Comment! :)
      The bartender in the last review(John) is a sweetheart!Great guy-he really makes you feel welcome at Korners!!!!He makes great drinks,serves them with a smile!:) he is truley a wonderful person.And looks dam good in shorts!Long legs- breathtaking smile!!!!

    • Keven
      Keven Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Stopped by last night!
      I decided to check out this bar.I have heard many things about this place from good to bad!The drag show is sad ,not very entertaining.The people here were not that attractive and some what cold.There was one bartender here that was really sweet!Kinda of tall, brownish hair ,thin built.Sexy lookin!!!! :)Drinks here were not bad.Overall I guess a ok place for a quick drink!

    • topdudelooking
      topdudelooking Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the cleanest and best places for fun
      I found this bar a while back and I have got to know the owners they are great guy's to get to know. There are some nice pepole that go there. I have fun playing dart's and shuffle board. The bartenders are very nice if you get down that way make sure you stop in and have a drink and some fun.