Kink U at Bootblack Round Up


JJ’s Clubhouse and Bar

Class schedule:

Kink U: Bootblacking 101 10am to 11:30am - Wicked Jade Mid-Atlantic Woman Bootblack '17
Kink U: Leather Worship 1pm to 2pm - Xiaoy Southwest Bootblack '16
Kink U: From Loggers to Floggers 1pm to 2pm - Meghan Bootblack International Ms. Bootblack '16
Kink U: Massage Techniques for the BB 2:30pm to 4pm Rob Lappe - Central Plains LeatherSir '12
Kink U: Cigar 101 & Cigar Service 2:30pm to 4pm - Traonna & Kiltgirl
Kink U: Forever Leather - Preserving Legacy 4:30pm to 6pm - Leslie Anderson - International Ms. Bootblack '99


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