Spectrum Jam: for lgbtqiaa+ humans


All folks who identify as part of the LGBTQIAA+ spectrum (both out and not) are welcome.

Come celebrate our glorious community, do (or just watch) some improv, and hang out! You do not have to RSPV to attend.

Never done improv before? Then come and watch! And, if you decide to try it out, you will have the support of a loving, queer crowd.

While we love, appreciate, and value our cis/het allies, we ask that cis/straight folks support us by sharing the event to your LGBTQIAA+ friends, and staying home.

A Note Regarding Privacy:
Please invite friends privately (if they are not out) to avoid outing folks by adding them to the event (messenger or email work great).

Feel free to invite fully out friends on the event!

No photos will be taken or posted during the event (without explicitly given permission) and all participants will be asked to keep the identities of attendees private.

We recognize that not everyone will feel comfortable RSVPing to the event and that’s okay, come anyway!