St. Louis Workout

88% love it
Gay-friendly state of the art health club
Conveniently located in the Central West End, this chain club has it all, including an outdoor pool. Open 24 hours, perfect for those before (and after) clubbing workouts.


    • ekim25
      ekim25 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The people of this business are in fact nice. They do what they do well. However, my experience has been sour. I joined with a friend about 2 years ago through a Groupon. We were quickly pulled into a full membership, but on terms that were exceptional to our case seeing that we were college students and would not be able to attend consistently. Not to mention, Jeremy knew that we were going to exit in a year or two since the two of us were not from St. Louis. He understood and told us when this time comes, our exiting fee would simply be $15. Now, the two of us thought, $15?! This cannot be! but it sure was and this was our selling points to our parents. When someone tells you great news, you will never forget it. Today is the day of our membership termination as we are both leaving this city. We explained what was told to us, however, we were told this is completely incorrect and that we are to pay $59+tax to terminate. Now we are thinking...WHAT? Here's the thing, we are college students...we wouldn't have agreed to this 2 years back. This man at the desk told me this was miscommunication on MY end and that I misunderstood. I'm sorry, I've worked in customer service for quite sometime and I can tell you know, the customer is always right in any circumstance, in any business. But this man was very stern in saying that I was the one who misunderstood. I asked to speak with Jeremy who I joined with and they were quick to say no. Needless to say, I felt that I was taken advantage of being of a college student. I was told one thing and they delivered something else. I just simply felt disrespected. To those out there, if you come across St. Louis Workout, I would be careful of what they tell you. Don't get me wrong, this is a gym like any other gyms with the monthly costs, exiting fines, etc. But if I was told that I can exit at $15, I expect this to be delivered and that is that. Don't quickly tell me false information so that you can get another member to add to the books.