2nd Annual Guys Giving Dinner


St. Louis Gay Men's Social Group is proud to present our 2nd annual Guys Giving Dinner on Sunday November 25th at 3pm.

Guys Giving Dinner is our very own Thanksgiving mealtime together with friends and family. It is also Pot Luck, so bring some food and bring a friend!

The St Louis Gay Men's Social Group will be providing a turkey, a ham, and all plates, cups, and utensils.

Please feel free to invite any friend you like. They don’t have to be gay and they don’t have to be male. There’s no gender or sexual orientation discrimination here!

See our website for additional details and directions at: http://www.stlsocial.org/second-annual-guys-giving-dinner/

If you have any questions, contact us through our contact page at: http://www.stlsocial.org/contact/ or call us at (314) 529-1771.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP along with what you plan on bringing either on the wall here for the event, or through our contact page on our website at: http://www.stlsocial.org/contact/

We are also taking donations of canned food for the Bar Hunger Food Drive if you would like to contribute.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Other food items that others have already signed up to bring are:

mashed potatoes and gravy
sweet potato casserole
green bean casserole
ambrosia salad
pumpkin pie
olive cheese balls
cranberry salad
meat/cheese tray
pecan pie
turkey vegetable casserole
fruit salad
macaroni and cheese

Suggestions for things to bring:

sparkling cider or wine for the toast
deviled eggs
cheese and broccoli casserole
cornbread dressing
green beans
  • 4705 Ridegewood (The Aboussie Center)
    St. Louis
  • Sunday Nov 25, 2012
  • Event on Facebook